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Rest. Reflect. Recharge.

Rejuvenating Day Retreat

In the heart of Somerset

17 September 2023, 10:00-17:00

Come and enjoy a day of rest, rejuvenation and relaxation in a gorgeous geo-dome, set amongst the beautiful meadows and green fields of a glamping eco site in Somerset.


The Day to Nourish Body and Soul

If you feel like you are in need of a re-charge, re-set and some pampering for the body and soul, this is going to be a fabulous day to truly connect to yourself in new and meaningful ways. This retreat is for women only, and the day is designed in such a way so that you can feel held, seen, heard, loved and nurtured.  

Magical Setting

The Retreat will be held in a beautiful rural setting, at Tractors & Cream Glamping eco-site in Othery, Somerset, TA7 0QJ.  We will have this special place all to ourselves, with full access to the beautiful Geo dome for all indoor practices, the meditation meadow, the Tea Hut and the gorgeous nature outside.

Geo dome 2.jpeg
Yoga Child's Pose


The day retreat provides a  rare  opportunity to escape the busy-ness of the everyday and dedicate time and space to your inner wellbeing and wellness. 


We will nourish our bodies and souls with the gift of contemplation and movement, including  a beautifully nourishing yoga practice, a flowing Qi Gong session in the meadow, a dynamic 5Rhythms movement practice, a pampering Face Yoga session and  a restful Guided Yoga Nidra relaxation. 

The combination of these activities are unique to this retreat, and please don't worry if you've never tried any of these practices before. I will provide guidance and a safe space for you to explore each of these sessions, and I hope to be able to offer a truly special experience and guide you to the inner space of harmony and balance.


A delicious plant-based organic buffet-style lunch will be served to nourish our bodies and souls with vibrant healthy food.  Food is the foundation of our health, so in choosing organic plant-based dishes we can directly influence our mood, hormones, energy and emotions and bring more joy to our hearts (and our taste buds!). In the afternoon, refreshing tea/ juice/coffee will be served alongside a selection of delicious healthy cakes to delight us into joy and vitality.

Outdoor Snack
Wellness Coach

Who is the Retreat for?

Modern living can take its toll on our bodies and spirit and the pace of life can feel relentless, which can makes us feel as if we are "on the go" all the time, with no real space for just being. Taking time out of your daily grind and focusing  on your inner landscape with meaning and attention, has a magic ability do rebalance your energy and recharge  your batteries.  


This is exactly what this Day Retreat is for. Let the Renewal, Replenishment, Recharge, Rest and Inner Radiance shine through!

The Day Retreat is suitable for all ages and all abilities, and especially beneficial  if you have one or more of the symptoms below:

- tiredness and exhaustion

- lack of energy

-  mood swings

- poor digestion

- lack of sleep

- feeling of anxiety, feelings of not being enough

- body aches and pains, muscle stiffness

- racing, hectic mind

- brain fog

- feeling disconnected from yourself and others.


The retreat is priced at £90 per person which includes all guided sessions, buffet lunch, tea/coffee & cake, and a chakra elixir.


An early bird price is £80 and is available for registrations and payments received by the 27th of August 2023.


The spaces are limited to 12 people, so if you like the sound of this Day Retreat, please book your space as soon as you can,  to secure your spot!

Program and Timings

The program is designed to create the best energetic flow throughout the day, with plenty of space in between the sessions for you to reflect and connect. Some sessions will take place outdoors, weather permitting. Please be advised that timings may be subject to change. 

10:00 - Arrival and registrations

10:30- Opening Ceremony

10:45 - Yoga flow

11:45 - Qi Gong Session

12:30 - Lunch

14:00  - Face Yoga

15:00 - Yoga Nidra 

15:45  - Cake and Tea

16:30 - 5 Rhythms Movement Session

17:00 - Closing Ceremony

Women Holding Hands
Yoga by the Sea

What to bring with you

The day will be spent partially inside and also outside,  depending on the weather (it's September so can be unpredictable!) so please bring layers with you so you're comfortable during the day.  


Please bring your own yoga mat, and yoga bricks (if using), plus also a cushion, blanket and warm socks for relaxation to keep cosy.


I will have some spare mats and blankets in case you forget yours! 


We will end the day with a closing ceremony by camp fire, and as this will be held outside please have layers with you to keep cosy and warm.


Can't wait to see you at the Day Retreat!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me by email on

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