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Polina of Radiant Years does yoga outdoors in field
Are you ready to ditch self-doubt, procrastination and midlife woes in favour of finding a path back to feeling healthy, strong, joyful, confident, energetic and radiant?

Midlife specific benefits for health and wellbeing

Women-specific exercise programs

that take into account

peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause life stages to balance hormones naturally

Face Rejuvenation programs

that target loss of muscle tone, wrinkles and skin ageing and help improve appearance of midlife skin and face naturally and effectively

Stress-reduction practices

Think better sleep and emotional balance, less anxiety, more energy and clarity, improved life/work balance

Breathing techniques

to be able to combat anxiety and deal with energy fluctuations, hot flushes, mood swings and brain fog, with ease.

Three women in yoga class kneeling on floor


Make the first step towards your wellness journey today and connect with me and the like-minded women at an in-person group class in your area.

Woman sitting on mat typing online class near me into computer


A fantastic selection of  livestream and recorded classes, including Pilates, Yoga,  Face Yoga , Meditation, specialist workshops and member perks. 

Polina of Radiant Years has private coaching session with another woman seated at desk


Individual support, tailored to you, starting today.

After our initial 30 free no obligation chat, we get to work together to reach your health goals in a program tailored specifically to you.

Polina of Radiant Years stretches with eyes closed smiling at the sun outside


Go deeper by completing a step by step program, designed to accomplish a specific transformation you desire and provide tangible results.

What Others Say

Helen R.

“I feel my flexibility and posture have improved and I know how to quickly rectify and tweak things to improve both during the day!"

Celia D.

"Polina's instructions are always clear and full of advice so I feel supported and safe. I have definitely noticed an improvement in my strength"

Hannah E.

"Polina’s classes have made a real difference to how I feel physically. I’ve also learnt lots of techniques for dealing with anxiety which have proved hugely helpful."
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