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Polina of Radiant Years does face yoga smiling at the camera with fingers on cheeks


So you’ve avoided any type of filler, Botox and injections, but now in your 50s, you are feeling like something must be done as you stare in the mirror intensely, disliking what you see reflected back, mainly your jaw, downturned mouth corners, puffy eyes, wrinkles, droopy eyelids and creases around the top lip.


Does that sound familiar ?


What would you say if I told you there is a natural safe effective way of keeping your face fit, toned, tension-free and radiant ?


A facial strengthening workout that can turn back the clock. Think of it as a natural Face Lift, without injections! Face yoga combines strengthening exercises with relaxation and wellbeing to promote multiple anti-ageing benefits.

Polina of Radiant Years does face yoga with eyes closed and hands by face
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Learn what the skin needs at different stages, especially in your 40s, 50s and 60s; discover which skincare ingredients are best for the most impact; find out how to boost your beauty while you sleep and create small skincare pivots that pack a big punch when it comes to radiant-looking face and skin.


"I've been following Polina's face yoga exercises now for about 10 or so weeks and I can guarantee they work amazing. My eye bags are very much improved and 100% lifted up. My malar bags are virtually unnoticeable, my cheeks are higher too and seriously, my skin texture is much more improved too and I’ve really been amazed at the results. I must admit I was very sceptical it would work. I'm still using various moisturisers but face yoga with Polina has worked 100% better than any creams on the market."

F. T. - Youtube member


Lines, folds and wrinkles, especially around the eyes, on the forehead, cheeks, side of the nose,  the mouth and the neck


Upper, mid and low section of the face, including the cheeks, neck and jawline 


Boost more collagen and elastin in the face so the skin looks more bouncy,  fresh and vibrant, with a natural glow


Relax the nervous system with the use of acupressure  and deep breathing to lower the stress levels

Woman meditates on mat playing tibetan bowl
Face yoga is a lovely grounding moment in the day.  Polina continues to vary and develop the course, and our skills.  The classes make my face feel awake and me feel calm and happy.

Mary Jukes

What's so important about Face Yoga in midlife?

As we get to our 40s, 50s and 60s, the effects of the peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause could play havoc with our skin and facial appearance which means the face needs as much support and care as the rest of the body! The signs of ageing are most visible on our faces. And even if we’re working on keeping our bodies strong and supple, we tend to forget the face! The muscles don’t stop at the neck, and there are around 60 muscles in the face, so just like the body, they can be strengthened for a better facial tone, healthy glowing complexion and a face that looks and feels rested.

Face Yoga Focus 

In the Face Yoga programs, we focus on the three main areas to support midlife skin and create great results, both for your appearance and confidence.


By exercising the muscles of the face in a balanced way, we create more muscle tone in the face which means more sculpting effect in the facial contours, less wrinkles, brighter skin, clearer complexion and reduced facial tension. This alone can increase our confidence in our facial appearance and make us more open to connecting and engaging with people around us, which creates a positive effect on our self-esteem and  self-worth.

Woman's face holding gua sha face tool on face
Polina of Radiant years with hands on her face

Hormonal changes of menopause means we lose collagen, a plumping agent in the skin which we have so much of in our 20s and 30s! Collagen makes the skin plump and bouncy and makes us look healthy and radiant. Gradual depletion of collagen during midlife years can lead to wrinkles, facial muscle collapse and imbalances.  Face Yoga has multiple collagen boosting benefits, and as part of a regular face yoga regime, specific practices and techniques can be used to support new collagen formation in the skin.


Imagine doing a weight training or a strengthening class and never stretching or enjoying a relaxation afterwards ? This is how our face feels most of the time! Our face muscles continuously “work for us” contracting, pulling in, squeezing and widening as part of our facial expressions and such acts as chewing, smiling, frowning, biting etc, which means tension accumulates in the face all the time but we hardly ever consciously release it! The reason it’s important to release tension in the face is because tension is the number one reason the lines and wrinkles develop in the first place. We use face massage and acupressure as a tension release tools which also helps to stimulate collagen, boost circulation, lift the face contours, create glow and brighten the skin. Acupressure helps to de-puff and brighten the face, and to relax tension especially around the eyes and forehead. It also works on energy meridians responsible for vital health functions, and can improve your sleep and digestion.

Polina of Radiant Years  with eyes closed holding orchid to her face


A Personal Face Fitness Program is a coherent plan of facial strengthening, massage and tension release techniques which is based on your unique face and tailored specifically to your face and its needs, to take your face to the next level.  

Gone are the days relying on an occasional pampering facial, it's all about empowering yourself with the knowledge to look after your face in a self-caring loving way, every day, which fits perfectly with your life and schedule.  


Save yourself hours trolling through internet trying to find the exact techniques and videos you think you need to do but still not sure you're doing it correctly or whether or not you're doing the right exercises !


I now offer Personal Face Fitness Program consultations online, where my trained professional eye will be able to spot which areas of the face need that bit of extra support and will offer you the right exercises and correct techniques accordingly.


The fluctuating hormones of midlife, nutrition, sun damage and lifestyle can be unkind to our face, manifesting in facial ageing especially affecting the facial muscle tone and appearance of the skin. Women can feel critical of their faces, unconfident in their looks and as result might withdraw or engage less in their communities and their relationships, to others and to themselves. 


Should we be afraid of ageing? Absolutely not! Ageing is natural and beautiful , and something we don’t have a choice about - it will happen anyway! Ageing well, however, is a personal choice. 


I place face yoga in the category of a personal choice to age well - with a regular caring face yoga regime, we can meet the midlife ageing challenges head on and allow our faces look and feel great again, reflecting the inner beauty of the eternally radiant you!

Polina of Radiant years sits looking at the camera with hand under chin
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