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Woman in green leggings and sports top sits on purple mat cross legged in meditation


It can sound so simple but the truth is - our bodies are designed to move and therefore we will feel better when we move our bodies !


Even five to ten minutes of daily movement, such as yoga, pilates, strength training, cardio workout, weights, swimming, active stretch - where you involve your whole body AND it’s something you enjoy - is manageable with most schedules and packs a punch when it comes to your overall health.

The women-focused exercise programs that I offer specifically address midlife stages of peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause to help counteract signs of hormone imbalances by giving you a variety of body movement that target:

  • Bone mass loss

  • Body stiffness, aches and pains

  • Reduced joint mobility

  • Weak core and pelvic floor muscles

  • Weight gain

  • Diminished energy levels

  • High levels of anxiety

  • Brain fog and lack of clarity

  • Mood swings and hot flushes

Woman exercises core muscles in Pilates class

It's been scientifically proven that women need a different exercise regime during the midlife stages to counteract and balance the effects of hormonal changes, which means focusing more on:

  • Building stronger muscles

  • Creating strength in your bones

  • Improving your core strength

  • Optimising breathing

  • Hydrating the facia

  • Creating better flexibility

  • Improving joint mobility

  • Activating the parasympathetic nervous system (the one that allows you to rest & digest)

  • Deactivating the sympathetic nervous system (the one that keeps you in fight or flight)

  • Allowing your lymphatic system to work properly

  • Removing the toxins out of your system

  • Thinking more positively about yourself and your body

Woman does Pilates with pink hand weights


"The classes have improved my core strength. Until I started Pilates with Polina, I had little understanding of what core strength meant. I thought I was just round shouldered! My muscle strength has improved and I can feel the tangible difference in my upper body strength and can stand/sit fairly straight backed for much longer. As I have been diagnosed as osteopenic, I want to continue building my body strength and mobility, especially in my joints".

Barbara C.

The truth is, as we get older, it may be harder to get motivated to move our bodies and especially to stick a to a regular fitness regime. 

On top of that, during peri-menopause and menopause, many women feel fatigued and tired and exercising is the last thing on their minds! The answer lies in choosing a gentle form of exercise you enjoy doing and building up slowly, taking into account fluctuating energy levels (which sometimes means a good rest!), and tuning into yourself to feel what the body needs on any given day is the key.

Woman stretches on the floor

The fact is when we get to our 40s, 50s and 60s, not only do we need to get smart about HOW we move our body, but also to change our perception of WHY we need to move our body!


Often, midlife is a time of heightened insecurities, when hormones are shifting, bodies are changing, and many women feel extremely vulnerable. This is also the time when we may become more susceptible to the message that our bodies are problematic and need fixing, especially in our society so obsessed with looks and permanent youthfullness. So how do we navigate this minefield of hormonal havoc, body changes and societal pressures, to find a way to develop healthier lifestyle and more positivity around our bodies ?

Polina of Radiant years smiles at the camera seated in green outfit

I believe the secret is to focus not (only!) on how the body looks, but on how it can be used to support a happy, active life for the long haul.

Imagine being able to stay active for as long as you can, enjoying hiking with friends, gardening, being able to play with your grandkids, trying that dance class you put off for all these years, starting a new hobby, going swimming and much much more, all done with ease, strength and confidence in your body !

Polina of Radiant Years smiles and dances with arms up and eyes closed


Age is just a number, and the ability to move our bodies well can influence our longevity and the quality of life for many years to come. There’s never been a better time to make a commitment to you health and keep your body active for the long run - the time is now !


Let me be your guide and give you the right tools on your journey to feel strong, healthy, happy, joyful, confident and radiant.

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