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Polina of Radiant Years  teaches online Pilates with computer in front of her

There's never been a better time to make a commitment to yourself - that time is now.

I designed my Online Memberships with all my love, care, attention and skills to create a vibrant, uplifting and supportive environment in which you can grow and thrive.

Benefits and Features

Women Stretching


All programs are tailored for natural hormone-balancing for peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause life stages

Yoga meditation with sound bowl


All programs provide variety, consistency, encouragement and inspiration to build your perfect daily routine for managing your health with ease.

Pilates Work Out


Classes include Pilates, Yoga,  Face Yoga, Weight Training, Restorative practices, Mindfulness  and Breathing

Outdoor Yoga


Suitable for beginners, intermediate level, and those recovering from injuries 

Yoga stretch


A weekly schedule of classes, with a mix of livestream and pre-recorded sessions, with morning and evening timings

Woman does yoga on a pink mat


Exercise from the comfort of your home - zero miles, convenient and eco-friendly

Online Membership Programs

  • Radiant FACE

    Every month
    Natural Face Lift & Tone with Face Yoga
    • 3 livestream Face Yoga classes, weekly
    • Lift and Tone sessions to create natural face lift
    • Face Massage sessions to tone the facial contours
    • Tension release techniques to create facial balance
    • Massage tutorials including gua sha and jade rollers
    • Member discounts on face yoga events
  • Radiant BODY

    Every month
    Create the body that's strong, flexible and free of pain
     7 day free trial
    • 3 Livestream Pilates classes, weekly
    • 2 pre-recorded Pilates classes, weekly
    • 1 pre-recorded Yoga class, weekly
    • 1 pre-recorded audio meditation, weekly
    • All classes focus on hormone balancing and bone building
    • Mix of strength, stretch, fascia release, breathwork
    • Osteoporosis friendly classes
    • Member discounts on workshops, events and group classes
  • Radiant YOU

    Every month
    Best Fusion of Body and Face Yoga Programs Together
     7 day free trial
    • 5 Pilates classes weekly - 3 livestream and 2 pre-recorded
    • 3 Face Yoga livestream classes weekly
    • 1 pre-recorded Yoga class, weekly
    • 1 Meditation pre-recorded class, weekly
    • Member discounts on events, workshops and group classes
    • Member discount on private coaching
  • Private Coaching

    Individual support and tailored program just for you
    Valid for 3 months
    • 4 x Private Coaching Sessions
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