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Let's Work Together!

Your session, Your results - a one-to-one private coaching session is tailored fully to your needs,  abilities and health goals, to achieve the results you want. I bring my skills, knowledge and expertise and you bring your willingness to make changes, so that together we can get you to feel and look your best. Let me show you how to flow through life with more peace, joy, ease and agility and less pain, creaky joints, anxiety and fatigue.

Polina of Radiant Years face close up


Our initial session will be a free 30 mins call to assess if we are a good fit, afterall we'll be spending much time together !

We will get to know each other and agree on the session plan and structure you feel excited about.

Next step is booking your first session! Choose a single session or a package of 4 to get the best value. We get straight to work at your first session to see and feel the results you desire.

If you have a history of low back, hip, knee or shoulder pain, we will work closely together so you can move safely and with minimum discomfort, whilst still feeling the benefits.

Two women holding hands
“Polina literally got me walking again, I fell and broke my hip and had to have a replacement which was quite a debilitating shock and Polina was by my side, 1-2-1 encouraging me every step of the way with different exercises, I always looked forward to her coming, she inspired me, encouraged me and taught me to walk straight and feel like a super model at 65, thank you so much!”

Penny Horne

Midlife can feel like a crisis but it doesn't have to be, in fact it can be a unique opportunity to find your self again, to rediscover your inner joy and live life to the full!

Think of me as your guide and an ecouraging hand, and you your own teacher, listening and acting on her own inner wisdom 

Polina of Radiant Years holds private coaching session with woman seated at desk together

During our sessions, I can help you address any of the issues below

Body stiffness, aches & pains 

Menopause belly, weak core and pelvic floor muscles, low back pain and sensitivity

Lack of energy, fatigue and tiredness

Anxious mind, poor focus and clarity

Hot flashes, mood swings and anxiety

Inability to enjoy life fully

Lack of self-care practices

Facial ageing, loss of muscle tone, wrinkles, lines and face tension

Pigmentation, decreased collagen  in the face muscles

Loss of volume in the cheeks, malar bags, jaw tension

Poor gut health,  digestion issues

Struggle to assimilate food properly 

Lack of nutritional plan

Polina of Radiant Years face close up

I'm incredibly honoured and excited to work with you !

What truly matters is getting the results you want!

That's why our first free consultation is so important!

It might also be helpful to know that in my work I use the tried-and-tested methods and practices of Pilates, Yoga, Face Yoga, Undulation, Breathing techniques, Meditation plus Nutrition advice to work together towards  the transformation you are after.

Woman does Pilates for core muscle strength
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