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Ready to journey to better health and wellbeing? 

Hi, I'm Polina

A body movement and face yoga wellness coach, I teach menopause-specific body movement and face yoga programs to women in their 40s,50s , 60s, and I’m here to help you get your health, glow and your life mojo back.


I offer women hormone-balancing practices for body, mind and face to look AMAZING, feel RADIANT and live their most VIBRANT life.

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Get my FREE masterclass to help you turbocharge your face and skin!

Learn what the skin needs at different stages, especially in your 40s, 50s and 60s; discover which skincare ingredients are best for the most impact; find out how to boost your beauty while you sleep and create small skincare pivots that pack a big punch when it comes to radiant-looking face and skin.

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If you are looking for ways to feel great, energetic and vibrant, you are in the right place!

You are a woman who is not taking midlife challenges lying down. You don’t want to settle for whatever life is dishing out to you at this time - body aches and pains, stiffness, facial ageing, low self esteem, restless mind, sleeplessness, hot flushes, and flailing mojo - the list goes on - surely this can’t be the new norm!  Deep down you know there are ways to improve how you feel that will make significant difference to how you live and enjoy your life. You know you want not just to survive but to thrive in midlife and beyond!

Polina of Radiant Years walks along  the street smiling radiantly
Let's get introduced!

I'm Polina and I work with women in their 40s,50s , 60s, to help them improve their health, get the radiant glow and feel zest for life all over again. A toned stomach, rejuvenated face and a peaceful mind comes as a bonus!

I went from a burnt-out marketing executive suffering with constant low back pain, body stiffness, face tension and the mind that was ruled by a hundred monkeys to becoming a Pilates, Yoga and Face Yoga teacher who has worked on herself to erase the low back pain, improve the flexibility (hello toes), age-proof the face and gain more serenity and balance.

It's time to THRIVE!

I'm here to support you all the way. 

As your wellness teacher, I’m excited to show you how to navigate midlife to a healthier, happier you. Together, we’ll find what works best for your body, face and mind and choose proven, simple and achievable ways to sail through any midlife health challenges with grace, joy and lots of self-love!


D Hoyle

“After coming to online classes regularly,
I feel so much fitter and have lost weight, plus my balance has improved!."

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